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Rural Gas





First Report    First report - 2 January 2007

CCS January    Press reports of the 9 January meeting of the Committee of Consumer Services and the Committee's press release

HB 269    House Bill 269 - Salt Lake Tribune report and Bill text released 16 January 2007

Opinions    Opinion articles by Roger Ball - Salt Lake Tribune - 28 January 2007 - Deseret Morning News - 21 January 2007

Overview    Salt Lake Tribune report - 28 January 2007

Rural Gas Map    This map shows the communities paying higher rates to Questar Gas

Tribune Editorial    Salt Lake Tribune Editorial - 31 January 2007

8 Feb Hearings    Press reports of the 8 February Public Service Commission hearings

CCS Signs On    Press reports of the 13 February Committee of Consumer Services vote to support Questar Gas

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Last Modified: 1 February 2008