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Your utility bill was wrong or unfair, or the service you received was unacceptable.

You contacted the utility, but it wasn't willing to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

You filed an Informal Complaint with the Utah Division of Public Utilities.

Either you or the utility requested, or the Division recommended, Mediation.


If a complaint is otherwise unresolved 30 calendar days after the Division received it, a Division employee may try to mediate a resolution between the ratepayer and the utility.

Either the ratepayer or the utility can request mediation by a Division employee at any time. 

[The Utah Ratepayers Association may be able to advise you how to make the most of mediation.  We can't promise anything, but the sooner you contact us, the more helpful we may be able to be.

Contact details are at the bottom of this page.]

The Division must inform the other party of a mediation request within 5 business days.

The other party then has up to 10 business days to accept or reject the mediation request.

Mediation efforts may continue for up to 30 days or until the Division decides they aren't likely to result in a mutually acceptable resolution.

The mediator isn't a judge or an arbitrator. 

He/she isn't supposed to take sides, but only to help the parties work together in good faith to reach a mutually acceptable outcome through compromise. 

The process is confidential, and either party or the mediator can withdraw from it at any time for any reason.

If mediation doesn't resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can still make a formal complaint.

[Don't expect the utility to cut you a deal.  It's still watching the bottom line.

However, if a utility knows the Commission will order it to do something following a formal complaint and hearing, it will usually offer you that, but not a penny more.

If you accept, the utility avoids the cost of further proceedings.  If you don't, it will tell the Commission in its written responses and during the hearing that you have been unreasonable.

If you get to the end of a mediation and you aren't satisfied, don't forget you can contact the Utah Ratepayers Association to ask for advice and help.  We can't promise anything, but the sooner you contact us, the more helpful we may be able to be.

Contact details are at the bottom of this page.]

Making a Formal Complaint

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